Employee Benefits Made Simple

Streamline benefits enrollment and management and reduce errors during enrollment and ensure labor law compliance.

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A System that Benefits Everyone

Benefits administration features within our HR solution enable you to set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plans, profiles, and types — quickly and easily — with on-demand visibility into eligibility, enrollment status, and costs across the employee base. It’s also simple to modify the solution’s standard benefits reports to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Customizable self-service tools empower employees to select plans and make life event changes on their own — which helps increase engagement and reduce your administrative workload.

A Modern Approach to Employee Benefits

With innovative technology, we make it easier for employees to enroll and for you to manage your benefits. Benefits deductions are synced with payroll to streamline your entire process. Our platform offers:

  1. A single employee record
  2. A single source of truth
  3. A superior user experience
  4. Convenient cloud-based delivery
  5. Integration across all applications
  6. Integration across financial institutions


What are my options?
Select a Package
We help you select benefits to fit your budget and your team’s needs.
What are my options?
How do I enroll my employees?
Through our self-service features, employees can easily sign up for benefit packages and make updates to benefit plans. Employees can compare benefits plans side-by-side, including coverage, costs!
How do I enroll my employees?
Can I choose my Doctor?
Help & Support
We have a team dedicated to help with any questions.
Can I choose my Doctor?
And You're Done!
Benefits deductions are synced with our payroll and HR applications and your employees can make updates anytime!