Our HCM Solution for Manufacturing

Worktray provides solutions which help manufacturers attract, retain, and develop fully engaged employees who deliver better business outcomes. Manufacturing organizations of all types and sizes use the same software as Worktray to drive productivity improvements and enable on-time delivery of high-quality goods and services.

Manufacturing Sector
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Areospace & Defense

Creating Empowered Employees Starts with Technology, Data, and more Involved Managers

With innovative technology, we eliminate error-prone duplicate data entry, data inconsistency, and risk of noncompliance. Reduce reporting complexities. View key data in real time with configurable dashboards. Our platform can:

  1. Reduce Process Variability
  2. Increase Payroll Efficiency
  3. Identify Labor Waste
  4. Know Where Every Labor Dollar Is Spent
  5. Improve Adherence to Labor Laws, Rules and Regulations

Hear From Industry Leaders

“It’s really important for leaders to lead by example. If you’re talking about being customer focused, you have to be approachable, and that helps you lead in a positive way.”

“A good leader is someone who knows how to empower all their employees, because that often varies from person to person.”

“HR is seen as more of a business partner — looking at what employees are doing and how we can capitalize on the skills of our employees.”

“When you think that your role contributes to the success of the company, you’re more likely to work a little harder and think about the decisions that you make every day.”

“The millennials, the youngest generation in the workforce, really value the time off even more than the money. They want that flexibility and strive for more of that work/life balance.”