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Worktray is a business solutions platform that helps organizations implement human capital management solutions for workforce excellence. Offering HR, Timekeeping, Payroll, Scheduling, Accruals, ACA Manager, Retirement, Benefits and more.

A single employee record: You enter employee data just once in a single database and it’s shared across all applications.
A single source of truth: With a common reporting function, there’s no need to combine multiple sources of information. Decisions can be made based on accurate, real-time data.
A superior user experience: Your users work in the same interface across all applications, minimizing training and boosting efficiency. And employee self-service and mobile app allow easy anytime access.
Convenient cloud-based delivery: With the cloud, you avoid installation headaches, you’re always on the latest software release — and you only pay for what you use.

Our Story

Worktray was founded in 2005 as a payroll company. Since then, Worktray has reinvented itself as an enterprise software company with a whole suite of business solutions in its “tray”. Worktray has become an outsourcing platform for  all business needs.

Nick Stonnington the CEO of Worktray wanted to come up with a name that represented his business concept, a one-stop-shop platform for business solutions. It was important to him that customers have selection with simple solutions. Nick’s initial thought was, it should be as easy as walking through an aisle of stocked solutions that business owners could pick, choose and add on to their work “tray”. This is where he had the aha moment to name the company Worktray!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide integrated and seamless business solutions for clients and participates under one platform.  

Our Goal

Worktray has one unified goal, to create an environment where customers receive the best possible service, selection and value.

We aim to deliver first-class customer support, while working for your success. We are always open for cooperation and new ideas. Our team will design any human capital management solution for you.

Meet Our Team

Nick Stonnington

Nick Stonnington


Atilla Soos

Atilla Soos

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Espinoza

Paul Espinoza

VP of Operations

Lusine Marjanyan

Lusine Marjanyan

Marketing Manager

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Our Clients

Katie Petty,

Taco Asylum

We are so pleased with the efficient and courteous service we receive. Their staff has always been available to us for little and big questions, even at urgent notice.

Alfredo Talavera,

NGD Systems

Worktray has stepped up to the challenge and delivered unmatched high-quality services. Their Web portal is innovative, has great capabilities, is interactive and is very user friendly.

Nikki Bertone,

Adaptive Environmental

Worktray offers accurate and timely processing for payroll services at a reasonable rate. We had some payroll adjustments that were needed for a previous quarter/year which were completed within the timeline that was promised. Payroll is complicated and sensitive and Worktray handles any issues with ease and competence.”

Michael J. Mangione

Mangione Inc.

Personalize service is very important for my business. Worktray has satisfied my expectations above and beyond, and their staff are very friendly and always willing to meet my business needs. I highly recommend their service to everyone!